Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Dear trainee,
Welcome to the list of Oxford Academy trainees, who we are proud to serve throughout their studies with us. To provide you with the best training service, I would like you to review and approve the list of academic terms and conditions before completing the registration process. Training.

* Each session has a minimum number of participants so that the academic can start the training program immediately, and once the minimum is reached, the start date of the session is determined. New reservations can be recorded until the completion of the number or the specified start date whichever comes first.
* Registration in any of our training programs, means the commitment of the Academy to provide the required training services to you, and provide the training material, whether printed or electronic - depending on the nature of the training program - and the organization of lectures on the deadlines, which are notified to them both at the time of registration or after.
* Any modification in the dates of the training programs, in coordination with the trainees, and investigate the academic - as far as possible - the appropriate dates for the trainees.
* If no date is specified for the start of the course within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of registration, the trainee has the right to recover his full payment or wait for another period until the completion of the number or transfer the fees to another training course.
* Within 30 days, if the start date of the course has not been determined, the trainee is entitled to transfer those payments to another training course.
* If the date of implementation of the training program is determined, the trainee is not entitled to refund the registration fees, under any circumstances.
* If the training program begins, the trainee has no right to recover any payments related to the additional certificates and credits.
* Trainee is not entitled to obtain the certificate of attendance in the course in one of the following cases:
- Failure to meet the attendance rate of 75% of the total hours of the training program
- Failure to pay the full expenses of the training program
- Failure to attend workshops - if the training program requires it.
- The trainee gets a negative evaluation of the lecturer during the course of the course, reflecting the trainee's lack of understanding of the training material in a way that qualifies him to obtain the certificate.
* The expenses mentioned on the site do not include the charges for the shipment of certificates.
* Certificates and foreign credits that we provide with our training programs issued by foreign training centers and not issued by foreign universities.

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