May 30 2018
Course Type: Computer

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2500EGP 1 month Our location

Course breif Graphic

Since the last few years, the field of advertising has become one of required fields in the labor market in Egypt and the Arab World, and is regarded as an indispensable factor in marketing process. It is well known that the main pillar of the successful advertising is a professional designer who produce drawings and paintings (graphics) and this is one of the objectives of this Diploma, that is, to graduate outstanding designers not only master the most important and famous programs of design and publishing, but also understand post-design steps e.g. color separation and printing and be qualified to use the modern graphics techniques in Web Graphics, Multimedia and Electronic Publishing. We have chosen for you a selection of programs and Graduation Project that offers you hands-on experience under supervision of trained and certified specialists.

Course Info Graphic

     Introducing a powerful raster image application, Photoshop CC, known to be the best photo-retouching software there is, and serve as a genius raster design tool.

    Introducing vector image design through the use of Adobe Illustrator CC.

     Incorporating desktop publishing through Adobe InDesign CC, the state of the art desktop publishing software.

     Solidifying the concepts and principles required to produce bullet-proof printed materials.

     Introduce the color concepts necessary for design work.